Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that specialises in the observation, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. Talk therapy and medication can help with a range of perceptions, cognitions, moods and behaviours.


Essentially, a psychiatrist is a registered medical doctor who has specialised in mental health, including substance use problems. Psychiatrists are able to prescribe psychotropic medication to help in the treatment of mental, emotional and behavioural disorders, whereas a psychologist helps work through mental health issues using specialised talk therapy techniques.


The psychiatric treatment mandate serves to ensure the autonomy and commitment of the patient toward improving the conditions of their lives. This mandate commits to improving the wellbeing of all clients on a mental, emotional and behavioural level. We believe that if patients make a decision to fully dedicate themselves to the process of treatment and recovery, this will fast-track their healing process.


Our psychiatrists are committed to diagnosing, treating and evaluating the mental health conditions of their patients. The link between substance abuse and mental illness has long been researched with evidence pointing to a strong correlation between the two. With years of training in their field, they are experts in devising and managing treatment plans for their clients.


We adopt a multi-faceted approach to treatment and believes that the role of psychiatry in the stabilisation and recovery of our clients cannot be underestimated. We take mental health extremely seriously and prioritize the emotional, behavioural and mental wellness of clients in our treatment methodology.